Exchanging views on sexuality & youth empowerment

It’s always inspiring to see people come together to share their views and opinions about sexuality and youth empowerment and how to reach out to other youth with knowledge about these issues.

At this year’s annual conference held on February 1st 2018, representatives of FEMA clubs from secondary schools across the country met to do exactly that. This year’s theme was “Saying No to Gender-based violence” including female genital mutilation (FGM), early marriage, sexual abuse and more.

Some key areas of emphasis from the conference are noted below:

  • Behaviour change takes time
  • Gender-based violence is likely to continue

But change is on the horizon thanks to knowledgeable and empowered young people, who are continually making their voices heard, pushing for change at the policy level and at the community level by engaging all gatekeepers. These young adults remain positive that progress or change is inevitable.

The main message shared among participations is that young people should not give up because policies and legal frameworks already exist to protect the rights of young people among other citizens.
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The panel consisted of youth, policymakers and advocates, including Ms. Halima Shariff, Director of Advance Family Planning Tanzania.