Tanzania Moving Forward with FP2020 Commitments

Just a few months after Tanzania revitalized its FP2020 commitments in London in July this year, pace to broaden access to family planning services and ensure increase uptake is gaining momentum.

The government has recently launched a national campaign against teenage pregnancy demanding local government authorities to take charge in protecting young girls, and monitoring progress in reducing teenage pregnancy cases. The teenage pregnancy rate increased from 23% in 2010 to 27% in 2015, curtailing opportunities for young girls to complete their education.

Reports on one district of Mpwapwa in Dodoma Region show that 250 girls aged 15-19 failed to complete their secondary education due to pregnancy. And as a result, these girls, like others in such circumstances across the country, are barred from returning to school.

The government move, along with current efforts to finalize the Adolescent Health Strategy, is part of implementing its FP2020 commitments, which include scaling up the provision of adolescent reproductive health services to empower and enable young people make informed decisions.

Tanzania has also committed to increase domestic resources for family planning to 17 billion Tanzanian shillings by 2020, as well as reduce contraceptive stock outs from 70% to 40%.  In addition, the government and family planning stakeholders including development partners, are currently developing the second National Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan (2017-2022) to provide a framework for continuous investment in family planning with a focus on high impact interventions.

Other countries’ FP2020 commitments are found in this summary document here and the full Summit outcomes document here.


International Day of the Girl Child – The Power of Social Media

11 October has been marked as the International Day of the Girl around the world. The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.

To mark this day, Halima Shariff, Director of the Advance Family Planning project in Tanzania, shared the following video messages. Thanks to the power of social media, the messages reached Tanzanians far and wide.

English Message


Swahili Message


The videos have been shared nationally through social media platforms reaching individuals of all ages and parts of the country. Here’s a snapshot of some of the shares from some social media influencers in Tanzania:


TFP - 1


TZ FP - 3


TZFP - 2